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Model : IF201
8 in 1 IP input and RF output Universal Mux Modulator
8xSPTS or 1xMPTS input over UDP/RTP, Unicast/Multicast
LCD display、key buttons & Web controlled, updated via Web
Support accurate PCR adjusting/PID Remapping



 Input  GE port
 Streaming  UDP/RTP, ip input over 8xSPTS or 1xMPTS, 4xRTSP
 Transport Protocol   TS over UDP/RTP, Unicast or Multicast, IGMP V2/V3 
 Packet Lenght  188 bytes
 Output  RF Out
 Network Interface   
 Management Port  1x1000Base-T Ethernet(RJ45)
 Data Port  1x1000Base-T Ethernet(RJ45)
 Protocol  IEEE 802.3 Ethernet, RTP, ARP, IPv4, TCP/UDP, HTTP, IGMP v2/v3 
 MER  Typ. 35dB
 RF Range  50~950MHz, 1KHz step
 RF Output Leve  100dBμV
 Standard  ATSC, J.83B(Optional)
 Management  LCD+Control Buttons / NMS Ethernet(RJ45 Port)
 Language  English
 Upgrade  Ethernet(RJ45 Port)
 Power Supply  DC 12V/2A
 Dimension  220 x 206 x44 mm
 Disply  LCD panel @2x16 characters, LEDx6 (IP, PW, RF)
 Weigt  900g
 Environmental for Operting   Temperature: 5℃-40℃, Relative Humidity: 80% @ 30℃

Application Example - IP to RF Modulator