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Solution of Digital Terrestrial Television system


Introduction of the scheme


This system is the transmission solution of the national standard digital terrestrial television system. 

The satellite program signal is received and decoded by UMH160-AVS special satellite receiver, and then encoded by AVS encoder. 

All the programs are packaged and edited by the demultiplexer to edit the output TS stream to the ASI code stream switch for main and standby switching. Finally, the program is sent to the terrestrial digital television broadcasting exciter and digital transmitter through a single frequency network adapter for transmission.


provides stable and high quality signal source reception and 

transmission functions for local projects.


provides stable and high quality signal source reception and 

transmission functions.


tailor-made digital TV front-end system

Scheme characteristics

1. UMH160 VAS is the most mature AVS professional satellite integrated receiving decoder on the market, which supports the reception and decoding of AVS video and DRA audio. It has powerful functions, excellent performance and rich interfaces. It has passed the network access authentication of the State Administration of Radio and Television. It can fully meet the customer's reception and decoding transmission of AVS programs.


2, AVS encoder adopts mature and efficient hardware coding scheme to provide better image quality at lower bandwidth.


3, ASI stream switch can monitor the stream of host program, PID, form and so on in real time, and can automatically switch to standby stream and program when system failure, signal loss, descrambling anomaly or program anomaly. Even manually emergency switching to the matting program;


4. The sub-station sets up the same frequency network, saves the frequency space, and solves the problem of the same frequency interference between the surrounding sub-stations.


5. Reduce the networking cost of the system and solve the problem of high networking cost of point-to-point transmission and reception.

Scheme system diagram 


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